About us

 Al Manahil Deco … Here is our story 

     Al Manahil was established in 1990 in Riyadh. We are a leading company in elegance and beauty services, and entertainment. As we always thrive to offer better services to our customers and to promote our vision for an easier and better life for each woman in our society, Al Manahil has evolved to becoming even more superior in its premium services and creativities.

 Considering our big ambitions and our quest to develop and expand our services, our home accessories boutique, which is the finest showroom in the kingdom with its acquisitions of the finest accessories, luxurious tableware, and art pieces for decoration and ornamentation, has evolved to include a special section for interior design. Because we understand what our customers like and what attracts their hobbies and ambition, we decided in 2010 to expand and establish Al Manahil Deco Company, a non-profitable company, located in al Nakheel area – Exit 3- and offering full interior design services from A to Z. The unprecedented entrance of Al Manahil Deco into the world of interior design will be embellished with growth and extraordinary achievements in creativity and artistry that would quench the artistic thirst of our customers who cherish art and beauty.

   Furthermore, believing in the importance of entrepreneurship in the renaissance of the community, Al Manahil holding company’s management directed all Al Manahil Deco's and, its sister company, Al Manahil’s proceeds to go to Deem Al Manahil. Deem Al Manail is a company that funds and provides not only financial but also logistical and technical support to female entrepreneurs who seek to start their own business.

   The Interior Design Department aims to provide the best solutions in the field of planning design to suit the nature of the clients’ needs, both for new and renovating home projects. Furthermore, for our customers who prefer uniqueness, we are working to secure customized designs on request, with certain standards, that would reflect each of our customers’ own unique, personal taste and identity. Certainly, our customers will enjoy the freedom of creating their own ideal furniture.

   Al Manahil Deco has completed many projects from simple spaces to larger palaces bearing its distinctive mark on each one. Al Manahil Deco seeks to serve customers of different needs, ranging from the basic interior design of single apartments to the full interior design of compounds and hotels.  Al Manahil Deco is proud to distribute rare and unique accessories available only at Al Manahil Deco showroom. These pieces contribute significantly to the final outcome of each corner in the house. Al Manahil Deco boutiques simply displays libraries of arts and crafts from around the world.

  In addition to the services that we offer, Al Manahil Deco is keen to enter new innovations in the market that are sure to stand out in terms of quality, originality and tradition. Sincerely, Al Manahil Deco is spreading its wings in empowering its vision and via its commitment to make a difference in society.


Our Vision

We are the perfect solution for providing creative ideas in design and quality services for our valued customers

Our Mission

Providing best services through:

Providing exceptional experiences to our customers.

Offering competitive prices for our services.

Developing and retaining a professional team.

Sharing the charity concept with our valued customers and employees.

Providing cycle models of converting opportunities into charities support.

Our Goals

Expand Al Manahil’s market share in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing new elegant services in interior design.
Develop new capabilities, internal controls, and organizational transformation to reach high level of excellence.

Establish cooperation and partnership with charities and other communities.

Attract develop and retain talented calibers by offering career opportunities, and a healthy working environment.

Improve and maintain Al Manahil clients’ satisfaction by creating long-term value and delivering high quality services with competitive prices.

Our Values

Team Work



Trust and Responsibility


Customer Satisfaction