Our Services




Al Manahil Deco offers full interior design services and decorating solutions to residential (Palaces , apartments , houses ) and small-scale commercial projects like offices, house renovations, redecorating a room in the house, up-lifting and accessorizing. Also we offer hospitality services to furnish hotels & furnished apartment.


  • Client consultation and ensuring the creation of functional and beautiful design plans
  • Creating furniture layouts using new and existing furniture
  • Space planning to maximize the layout and ensure proper and elegant flow between the spaces
  • Floor plans, elevation, details and renderings
  • Creating color fabrics schemes
  • Selection of furniture, fabrics, finishes and fixtures, carpets, lighting and accessories
  • Cost estimates, budget development, and project management
  • Collaborating with key partners such as architects, contractors, and lighting designers
  • Custom Furniture
  • Ordering, tracking, inspection, and delivery of all furniture, fabrics, and accessories. 



We know a home is never complete without the magic touch of accessories. That is why we offer full accessorizing services for your furnished home. Our range of accessory line is unique, beautiful, and for every space in the house- including living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms.





An architectural masterpiece needs an interior design that matches its excellence. Our design team will deliver the finest yet most functional interior design, starting from conceptual drawings, layout drawings and design ideas up until and including full home furnishing.




 We take care of our showroom clients by giving them free consults, advice, and space furnishing sketches to utilize their home spaces to the maximum while keeping it elegant and beautiful.




Office interior design matters. For instance, the interior design of an office influences employee morale, creativity, and efficiency.   Our interior design team creates meaningful, lasting, and beautiful environments that are entirely tailored to your needs.